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BACKGROUND: The Morin­ga or hor­se­ra­dish tree ori­gi­nal­ly comes from the Hima­la­y­an regi­on in nor­thwest India and is con­si­de­red a “mira­cle tree” due to its high nut­ri­ent den­si­ty. The fact that it can grow even under the most adver­se soil con­di­ti­ons has ear­ned it the hono­ra­ry tit­le “tree of immortality”.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: While many foods con­tain only iso­la­ted traces of the anti­oxi­dant and growth hor­mo­ne zea­tin, Morin­ga extract has many times the usu­al levels of zea­tin. Accord­ing to stu­dies, this acce­le­ra­tes skin rege­ne­ra­ti­on enor­mous­ly, slows down the aging pro­cess and also poten­tia­tes the bio­avai­la­bi­li­ty of the other 90 vital sub­s­tan­ces contained.

Morin­ga is extra­or­di­na­ri­ly rich in pro­te­ins, Anti­oxi­d­ants, vit­amins and minerals.

In Morin­ga extract the cal­ci­um con­tent is 17 times hig­her than in milk, the beta­ca­ro­te­ne con­tent is 4 times hig­her than in car­rots, the pot­as­si­um con­tent is 15 times hig­her than in bana­nas, the iron con­tent is 25 times hig­her than in spi­n­ach and the vit­amin C con­tent is 7 times hig­her than in oranges.