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BACKGROUND: In order to coun­ter­act the widespread defi­cit of vital sub­s­tan­ces, nut­ri­tio­nal sci­en­tists have focu­sed on so-cal­led “super­food” in recent years. This refers to “nut­ri­ent-rich foods that are con­si­de­red par­ti­cu­lar­ly bene­fi­cial for health and well-being”. Bio Super­food cap­su­les com­bi­ne the hig­hest qua­li­ty extracts from the best super­food plants and fruits from all over the world in of a sin­gle vegan capsule.

NATURAL INGREDIENCE: The abso­lu­te star among the fruits rich in vit­amin C is the ace­ro­la cher­ry from South Ame­ri­ca. The tro­pi­cal fruit has more than 30 times as much vit­amin C power as oran­ges or lemons. In addi­ti­on, ace­ro­la fruits have a high vit­amin C content.

The vit­amin C con­tains a high pro­por­ti­on of other bio­ac­ti­ve sub­s­tan­ces such as pro­vit­amin A, vit­amin B1, B2, B5, nia­cin, magne­si­um, phos­pho­rus and cal­ci­um, all of which pro­vi­de effec­ti­ve cell pro­tec­tion and streng­t­hen the anti­oxi­dant effect of vit­amin C. The Açai ber­ry from Bra­zil is con­si­de­red the anti-aging queen. Its high con­tent of anti­oxi­d­ants binds free radi­cals, slows down the aging pro­cess and boosts the meta­bo­lism. In addi­ti­on, the tro­pi­cal fruits con­tain many vit­amins, mine­rals and essen­ti­al fat­ty acids, such as oleic and lin­oleic acid.

Maca is the undis­pu­ted super­food of the South Ame­ri­can Incas. The power root is con­si­de­red a nut­ri­ent and vital sub­s­tance mira­cle, con­tains car­bo­hy­dra­tes, lots of pro­te­in, valu­able fat­ty acids and over 30 mine­rals and trace ele­ments: Maca is a good sup­plier of iron, iodi­ne, man­ga­ne­se, phos­pho­rus, sul­phur and zinc, as well as all vit­amins, acti­ve enzy­mes and essen­ti­al ami­no acids. No won­der that ath­le­tes use the Ande­an root to impro­ve phy­si­cal and men­tal per­for­mance. Bao­bab is the super­fruit of Afri­ca. The fruits of the bao­bab tree, which the tri­bes also call “magic tree”, are rich in vit­amin C, iron, anti­oxi­da­ti­ve poly­phe­nols as well as pot­as­si­um and vit­amin B6. Camu Camu extract acts as a vita­li­zer. The fruits of the Peruvi­an myrt­le bush are true vit­amin C gre­na­des with 30 times the con­tent of citrus fruits. Camu Camu also impro­ves the absorp­ti­on of iron and impres­ses with its spe­cial anti-oxidant properties.

Aging effect. Chia seeds are known to be the May­an ener­gy source. And they are a credit to their name, which trans­la­tes as “strength”. The con­tent of pro­te­ins, cal­ci­um, pot­as­si­um and iron as well as an opti­mal ratio of ome­ga 3 to ome­ga 6 fat­ty acids is impres­si­ve. With three times the amount of anti­oxi­d­ants, they push blu­e­ber­ries off the health throne.